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University degrees

1. On the basis of the operational conclusions of 02 July 2011 on the acceptance of university diplomas, the parties agree to ask the European University Association to certify university diplomas issued by universities of each party for use by the other in connection with further education and/or public employment.

2. Upon verification that university diplomas are issued by authorised institutions in line with European best practices, the certification will be done by a Committee of European academic experts, established by the European University Association.

3. Diploma supplements and transcript of records in the format of those tabled during the Dialogue, and annexed to these conclusions, will be attached to the university diploma. It will be for the authorities of either party to decide which of the documents are valid for this process, provided that the effect is the acceptance of the qualification represented by the diploma.

4. The EU will make every effort to ensure the implementation of above conclusions from 1 January 2012.