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Sector for Legal, Financial and General Affairs

The following shall be performed at the Sector for Legal, Financial and General Affairs:

  • Preparing the financial plan, periodic and annual financial reports and other financial documents of the Office;
  • Lawful and authorised use of budgetary resources and timely creation of quotas, i.e. appropriations;
  • Preparing, processing and keeping a record of payment documents;
  • Keeping auxiliary ledgers;
  • Ensuring the exercise of employment rights and obligations on the part of civil servants and persons otherwise engaged;
  • Preparing and drawing up general and individual legal acts, as well as contracts;
  • Preparing monthly reports on the structure and number of civil servants and engaged persons for the Central Personnel Registry and Employee Register;
  • Planning and conducting public procurement procedures and regular reporting on conducted public procurement procedures;
  • Preparing and applying the human resource management policy;
  • Staff planning and analysing if the Staffing Plan has been met;
  • Preparing human resource management guidelines and instructions;
  • Preparing the Operational Information and keeping it up-to-date;
  • Coordinating and drawing up the integrity plan;
  • Documentary and administrative affairs related to the receipt, filing, classifying, dispatching and archiving case files;
  • Keeping required records;
  • Maintaining and developing required software applications and packages for the Office;
  • Maintaining the Office website and keeping required information up-to-date;
  • Reporting and providing information of public interest at the request of interested parties and other affairs within the purview of the Sector.